NowTech at NAIDEX

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  • On July 5, 2015
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by Aurel Pasztor

We are extremely excited about our medical technology company NowTech that has debuted its game changing wheelchair control device GyroSet recently at NAIDEX, the UK’s largest independent living and mobility show.

The Gyroset™ is a set of products that helps wheelchair users take better control of their lives by improving mobility and providing ways to interact with their environment.

The most eye-catching element of Gyroset is Glory, an unobtrusive, lightweight, yet durable headset, specially designed to serve the needs of tetraplegic wheelchair users by capturing and processing head gestures. As we have found out from enthusiastic customer feedback Glory is also an excellent standalone head mouse product for schools where children with special needs can use it to communicate and to control computer screens effortlessly.



Gyroset Glory


Gyroset also includes the Red, Blue and Green Guide product lines. Guide is a high-end wheelchair control device set with drive stabilisation, modular joystick bay, environmental control capabilities, built-in touchscreen and software features. The colors refer to three different control devices: touchpad, joystick and Optoforce controllers.

The company has used NAIDEX to debut the product and the feedback from industry as well as users was exceedingly positive:

Wheelchair users were enthusiastically playing Angry Birds on a screen using the Glory headset and blink detection. This also attracted much attention, mainly from companies selling Eye Gaze technology, but we even had some tetraplegic people coming and trying it.

Key opinion leaders like Tom Nabarro tried the headset and controlled a separate chair with it remotely. He shared his very positive remarks later on his blog:

“Whereas previous attempts at this kind of thing have been disappointing in terms of software reliability and performance, these guys seem to have got it right and have a fully functional, well performing polished device.”

NowTech’s next challenge now is to work with chair manufactures on integrating the solution into the market leading products. Signs are promising as the company now is talking with ETAC, Handicare, Smartbox, Made2Aid, Cyclone and many other manufacturers and distributors in the mobility space from Europe and the US.

The company is now preparing to set up a presence in the UK working very closely with the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust’s National Spinal Injuries Centre. They have found an enthusiastic partner in the hospital in Aylesbury to support their go-to-market activities in the more developed healthcare markets in Europe.